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Former Capitol Police Officers Face Hostility from Pennsylvania House Republicans

A visit to the Pennsylvania House floor by two former police officers who helped defend the U.S. Capitol during the Jan. 6 riot drew jeers and walkouts by some Republican legislators. Some Republicans reportedly booed and one member shouted that the police officers were cowards. As many as 10 GOP House members walked out. 

Officers Dunn and Gonell

At an earlier event on the steps of the Pennsylvania Capitol, Officer Dunn and Officer Gonell had warned about the dangers they believe Donald Trump poses to democracy.

"Donald Trump is the greatest threat to our democracy and the safety of communities across the country today," Dunn told reporters. "He has encouraged and continues to encourage political violence. ... His deranged, self-centered, obsessive quest for power is the reason violent insurrectionists assaulted me and my brave colleagues."

Gonell described the assault he endured, where attackers repeatedly beat, punched, and kicked him, and struck him with his own baton. He recounted an attempt to drag him into the mob and beat him with an American flag still attached to a flagpole. During the attack, hundreds of law enforcement officers were beaten and bloodied by Trump supporters who had descended on the Capitol following a rally.

"Donald Trump called the people who injured me and attacked our Capitol hostages, patriots, and political prisoners. If those people are those things, who are we?" Gonell said, adding that the officers on Jan. 6 were defending elected officials from both parties "regardless of their political ideology."

Rep. Mike Schlossberg noted the stark contrast to the usual solemn respect given to soldiers and police officers recognized on the House floor.


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