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Trump Promises Pardons to All Jan 6 Rioters

If elected in 2024, Former President Trump said he will pardon January 6th rioters convicted of sedition, conspiracy, and assault against law enforcement.  


Trump added that he will issue an official apology to many for how they were treated by judges and juries that convicted them. 


"I will look very, very favorably about full pardons. If I decide to run and if I win, I will be looking very, very strongly about pardons. Full pardons," Trump said, adding: "We'll be looking very, very seriously at full pardons because we can't let that happen. ... And I mean full pardons with an apology to many."


He also noted that he is financially supporting some of the rioters being tried for their crimes on January 6, 2021, saying “It’s a disgrace what they’ve done to them. What they’ve done to these people is disgraceful.”


The people Trump is supporting are being charged for conspiracy, sedition, and assault because of what they did to escalate the Stop the Steal Rally. Their acts resulted in the death of five Capitol Police officers and more than 140 law enforcement officers being injured. 


More than 875 people have been charged with crimes related to January 6; 370 people have pleaded guilty to crimes so far.

Other Republicans Have A Choice to Make

In the days and months after January 6th, 2021, leading Republicans were quick to condemn the violent rioters on the Capitol. However, in order to support Trump in 2024, they will have to reverse course and accept the riots as lawful, even as a majority of Americans still blame Trump for the violence of January 6th and support the investigation of the January 6th Committee and DOJ, including in conservative states like Texas

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