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Who is Jack Smith?

Updated: Aug 2, 2023

Special Counsel Jack Smith is a Justice Department prosecutor chosen by Attorney General Merrick Garland to investigate former President Donald J. Trump. Smith was appointed in November 2022 to oversee two investigations into Trump's actions. One investigation focuses on Trump's attempt to overturn the 2020 election, including the lead-up to the January 6, 2021 attack on the Capitol. The other investigation centers around Trump's retention of classified materials at his residence in Florida.

Jack Smith

Election Interference Investigation

Smith is leading a federal investigation into Donald Trump and others’ roles in inciting and encouraging the violent events of January 6, and attempting to overturn the results of the 2020 election.

This case is ongoing. You can track the latest updates here.

Unlawful Retention of Top-Secret Documents Investigation

Smith also led the investigation into Trump’s unlawful retention of national defense information at his Mar-a-Lago estate, which resulted in the former president being indicted on 37 felony counts.



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