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Trump’s PACs Spent $50 Million of Donor Money on Legal Expenses in 2023

Donald Trump spent an estimated $50 million in donor money on legal bills and investigation-related expenses last year. 

Trump PAC money on legal bills

Trump is paying his many lawyers with funds from his political action committee, Save America. While this account was flush with cash from heavy donations between November 2020 and January 2021 when Trump and his supporters were drumming up support with widespread claims of election fraud, it has since been depleted. So much so that Trump has ordered Save America to request refunds to the tune of $60 million from cash transfers to his other PACs to replete its coffers. To date, only $42.5 million has been returned to Save America from MAGA Inc. Additionally, Trump has been directing 10% of all campaign donations to Save America so that 10% of every dollar raised goes to funding his defense team. 

Currently, Donald Trump is facing four criminal indictments and other potential trials that could drive his legal bills even higher. 

Indictments Against Trump:

Civil Cases: 


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