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Michigan Fake Electors Charged with 8 Felony Counts

Updated: Jul 21, 2023

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The Michigan attorney general announced felony charges against 16 people who posed as "fake electors" in an attempt to overturn the 2020 election results in Trump's favor.

Michigan AG announces charges against the 16 fake electors.
Michigan AG announces charges against the 16 fake electors. Jake May | Credit: AP

Each of the 16 defendants has been charged with eight felony counts, including forgery and conspiracy to commit forgery, for allegedly signing documents attesting falsely that they were Michigan’s “duly elected and qualified electors” for president and vice president.

The defendants are: Kathy Berden, Rose Rook, Mayra Rodriguez, William “Hank” Choate, Meshawn Maddock, Mari-Ann Henry, John Haggard, Clifford Frost, Kent Vanderwood, Stanley Grot, Marian Sheridan, Timothy King, James Renner, Michel Lundgren, Amy Facchinello and Ken Thompson. Meshawn Maddock, 55, is a former co-chair of the Michigan Republican Party.

The case is the first time that any members of fake Electoral College slates for Trump have been criminally charged.


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