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Justice Department Search Expands with 40 Subpoenas and Phone Seizures

The Justice Department is broadening their investigation into January 6th as they have enacted at least two phone seizures and issued 40 subpoenas to individuals close to Trump.

The phones belonged to Boris Epshteyn, an internal advisor to Trump, and Mike Roman, the director of Election Day affairs for Trump’s 2020 campaign. Both Epshteyn and Roman have been connected to the scheme of making false electors in states that Biden had actually won.

Jan 6 riot

The subpoenas were delivered to individuals associated with Trump on a large range of issues, from the false electors controversy to Trump’s fundraising after the 2020 election. Some individuals to note are the following:

  • Dan Scavino, Trump’s previous social media director

  • Bernard B. Kerik, former New York police commissioner who often spoke of voter fraud

At least 20 of the subpoenas were distributed to individuals linked with the lawyers involved in the fake electors plan.



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