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Key Moments from Eighth January 6th Committee Hearing

  • Secret Service agents feared for their lives on January 6th.

  • President Trump struggled to condemn the violence in his video message to America on January 7th.

The House Select Committee on January 6th held its eighth hearing on Thursday, July 21 to present the facts about what former President Donald Trump was doing while his supporters attacked the Capitol. 


The Committee heard testimony from two White House staffers who resigned on January 6th and played never-before-seen footage of Trump recording his a message to America on January 7th.

Top Moments

  • Secret Service agents on Vice President Mike Pence’s detail "were starting to fear for their own lives” and said on internal radio "to say goodbye to family members” according to a national security witness.

  • Former deputy National Security Advisor, Matthew Pottinger, and former deputy press secretary, Sarah Matthews, resigned on January 6th after Trump was told about rioting at the Capitol and still chose to publish inflammatory tweets, inciting more violence.

  • Vice President Pence called Chairman of the Joint Chiefs Mark Milley and acting Secretary of Defense Chris Miller from a secure location on January 6th to create a response to the attack, while President Trump called Senators from the White House dining room to urge them to delay the counting of electoral votes.

  • Pat Cipollone, former White House Counsel, testified that Trump’s White House staff and family members repeatedly begged him to condemn violence at the Capitol for the 187 minutes when Trump chose not to act. 

  • President Trump struggled to record his message to the American people the day after the attack, changing the words in the speech on the fly. In one outtake, Trump stopped and said, "I don't want to say the election's over, OK?”


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