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January 6th Committee Final Report

Jan 6th Committee's Final Report

Jan 6th Committee Releases Criminal Referrals for Trump and 5 Others

The January 6th Committee released its final report on Thurs December 22, 2022. The 845-page report details the key players, narratives, meetings, and events that led to the violent attack on the United States Capitol Building and American democracy, which attempted to block the certification of the presidential election in order to keep Trump in power. 

The Committee interviewed hundreds of people and parsed through thousands of pieces of evidence to get to the bottom of the attack, including texts and emails White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows and key fraud conspiracy theorists like Ginni Thomas, as well as other evidence against John Eastman, Roger Stone, Steve Bannon, and Jeff Clark.


The Committee also secured testimony from high-ranking Trump administration officials about what was happening in the West Wing and Department of Justice. 

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